Sports, the Universe & a Healthy Dose of Cynicism in Portland


Watching B-Easy at practice the other day made me think about redemption. It’s an age-old thing. I’m sure it feels really good to go back through life a second time and get it right.

If you fall down, you pick yourself back up. That’s what we do as human beings.

I guess what’s so hard for me is I’ve fallen down a bunch of times but I can’t get back up. I hurt my knees. So I literally can’t stand up. I think It’s an unfair metaphor.

How does one go about redemption if one doesn’t get the chance to stand up?

I’m not saying I’ve been dealt a rough hand in life. I could be fleeing the country I was born in, in a boat making its way from Egypt to Sicily.

What’s happening in Syria is absolutely terrible. People without homes, giving up everything they’ve ever had and floating, just floating.

What about redemption for them?

It’s all about coming home and having someone to lean your head against. Opening a door, that’s meaningful. These people don’t have doors anymore. Are you ever thinking about doors? You should.

I hope these people find redemption in Sweden or Germany or any country that can economically give them a chance.

It’s not fair that Italy takes the brunt of refugees — they can’t give these people the opportunities the northern countries can. Poverty is almost as bad as war, after all.

We need to get it together. All we think about is bombs and shopping. Were you thankful for what you had on Thursday?

Better yet, if you were, did you immediately forget and go out on Friday and buy a ton of shit to negate it?

Anyways, I think life’s a little better with a friend, doors and a shot at redemption.

That sounds nice.

Quit thinking about yourself.

– G


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