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The Talking of Heads


This song is a little more like the Talking Heads.

Sometimes you feel like dancing but there’s nobody to dance with. So this is dancing music, for alone people, because it’s something to dance to but it’s pretty depressing at the same time cause the lyrics are weird.

It’s not like I dance to it. Bad for the knees. But you could dance to it. If you didn’t just eat a clove of garlic before you went to the nightclub cause you didn’t want to get sick and you heard that and ginger is good for the immunity system.

This is a song by Me. It doesn’t sound like the Talking Heads, but I didn’t know what else to say (click on it tots)

This is a weird song because it’s telling people it sounds like the Talking Heads because if it didn’t, they probably wouldn’t want to listen to it.

Most of the lyrics Ol’ Greg writes are about baking, sex, atoms or sadness.

Anyway, hope you like it.

– G


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